At the Dog idol, your dog will be treated with the love and care he/she deserves while having a quality make-over.  Each dog will be bathed with quality shampoo appropriate for his/her coat and skin condition (no extra charge for oatmeal shampoo).  Absolutely no sedation!


Full Groom includes:

      Nail Trimming

      In-between Pads Shaving

      Ear Cleaning/Plucking

     15 minutes Brushing (dematting charge at $20 per 30 minutes)

     Massaging Bath

     Full Grooming/Trimming

Bath and Nail Trimming is also available.

Prices according to size and breed, please give us a call for a quote.

Grooming by appointment only

Why is regular grooming important?

Regular grooming does not only keep your dogs clean and tidy, but also help them maintain good health.

Regular brushing stimulates circulation, remove dandruff and loose hair.  It is the best way to avoid matt from developing.  In order to keep your dog in top condition, daily brushing is essential.

Ear cleaning and plucking help avoid wax build-up in the ears that may cause infection.

Nails that are too long affect your dogs' walking and running.  In some cases, it may cause nail chipping or even digging into the pad of their paws.

it's okay to go outside and have fun... we'll get you nice and clean :)


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